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I'm Andrés Correa Casablanca. I work as a software engineer, but I have a scientist in my heart. I love mathematics, algorithms, AI, and machine learning.

Old Posts

This blog is a continuation of, my first tech blog. I’ve lost the domain many months ago, so I can’t continue it using the same name. Luckily most of it is accessible through

My previous blog was written in Spanish, but this time I’ll continue writting in English. Sometimes I’ll consider to translate my posts to Spanish, but the English version will always be present.

I have to improve this blog a lot, but it will take some time. I’ve thought on the following points:

  • Adding links to my onlie profiles (Twitter, LinkedIN, Github, Stackoverflow, Kaggle, etc.)
  • Changing the code syntax highlighting. The default color scheme for code highlighting makes me cry.
  • Adding a comments system. I know it’s pretty straightforward to use Disqus, but I’m not fully convinced because privacy reasons. I’ve been reading many weeks ago about he possibility of integrating Discourse as a comments system inside static blogs. We’ll see…
  • Adding “in-house” analytics, maybe using something like Piwik.
  • Finding (or programming) a “better” blog theme.
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